It’s been a long week.

Monday I was still recharging from demanding #justiceforchristianhall in Philly last weekend when I heard about Daunte Wright.

I finally had found an opportunity to carve out time to start making my sign (in the shape of a hashtag) for Daunte. As I was working on it, I heard about Adam Toledo.

No I didn’t watch the video.

No I am not watching Chauvin’s trial. Mostly for my own sanity, but partly because I know if I even watch one minute, I’ll need to watch it all.

Meanwhile there are conversations in my sphere about just how often to bring awareness to this, because we can’t keep up.

And I just can’t.

We’re tired.

We don’t even have time to make the signs for all the names. So I had to put poor Adam on the back of Daunte’s sign or his name wouldn’t have been at the demonstration.

This pic is what it feels like. It’s exactly one second elapsed from the camera, and exactly two steps taken. You don’t even have time to properly process one killing before the next one hits. you turn around, you take two steps, and the next one hits.

If you are not yet convinced at this point there’s a real problem that needs addressing quickly in this country, and not doing all you can to address it, I’m not sure I have anything to say to you.

Arter. Musicist. Codeician. Dad.

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