"I try to be color blind."

No. you should learn why "color-blindness" is not something to strive for.


"I may look white, but I’m not."

It has less to do with how you see yourself or your actual genetic makeup than how people see you when you get stopped in traffic, apply for a loan, buy a home, etc. "White passing" is a thing I think you need more knowledge on if this is your stance.

"If you had a whiteness checklist with 20 checkpoints on it, I’m pretty confident I don’t check more than a couple of them."

Great. Now use that knowledge to find and stand against the ones who do (you won't have to look hard, you may even know some. If anyone you know has ever said "blue lives matter" that's a good place to start).

"Because identity politics is bullshit. It’s an attempt to divide us even more than we already are. It’s the lazy-mind’s way of assigning blame, but it does so too broadly and it tries to sanctify one group of people and demonize another."

No. The goal is not to assign blame, but to fix issues still occurring under a system in which whiteness is placed at the top of the hierarchy. Note I said "whiteness" and not "white people". Think of it as a stand-in for "White supremacist ideology". Plenty of non-white people contribute to it, and plenty of white people have learned to see and counter it.

"The concept of white privilege is fraudulent. It attempts to tap your deep seated guilt and burden you with a debt that isn’t yours and isn’t real."

White privilege simply means your skin color (as seen and given value by the society in which you live) has not been a contributing factor in your life difficulties. That's all.


"It sounds like white people are fundamentally awful human beings and should be taken outside and punched. Apparently, white people have done so many bad things, there’s no path to forgiveness or redemption. They must be made to pay."

No - we don't want them to pay. We don't want to punch them (or I don't). What we want is for them to help us heal as a nation, and a world. And they play an important part of doing so because of the power they hold. If it had been up to POC to correct history, it would have been done by now.

"I’m not part of the white people you’re talking about, and honestly I don’t care about them."

...but you should. We all should if we value our democracy.

"Talk to people you disagree with and/or have grievances with. Human contact is precious even when we disagree. Isolating in caves and consuming like-minded content is poisoning us."

Now this I agree with. It's why I'm here.

You seem really smart.

I wonder if you are smart enough to realize you have a lot to learn about this topic?


A Black guy

Arter. Musicist. Codeician. Dad.

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