"I try to be color blind."

No. you should learn why "color-blindness" is not something to strive for.


"I may look white, but I’m not."

It has less to do with how you see yourself or your actual genetic makeup than how people see you when you get stopped in traffic, apply for a loan, buy a home, etc. "White passing" is a thing I think you need more knowledge on if this is your stance.

"If you had a whiteness checklist with 20 checkpoints on it, I’m pretty confident I don’t check more than a couple of them."

It’s been a long week.

Monday I was still recharging from demanding #justiceforchristianhall in Philly last weekend when I heard about Daunte Wright.

I finally had found an opportunity to carve out time to start making my sign (in the shape of a hashtag) for Daunte. As I was working on it, I heard about Adam Toledo.

No I didn’t watch the video.

No I am not watching Chauvin’s trial. Mostly for my own sanity, but partly because I know if I even watch one minute, I’ll need to watch it all.

Meanwhile there are conversations in my sphere about…

by white guilt I mean the guilt that a people have from realizing their part in a system set up by the previous iteration of colonizers and oppressors. There's no non-white counterpart to that. Therefore - there's no non-white counterpart to flipping that concept into action instead of self indulgence.

Is that clearer?

I do say everyone plays a part in the responsibility - I think you may have missed that part - or are choosing not to see it. Re-read. I'm not saying non-white people shouldn't feel responsible for making the world better. I'm saying there's no non-white equivalent to white guilt or white responsibility. It's distinctive and yes, I'mma draw that line. Based on history, not skin color.

Have you ever thought “I should not be made to feel guilty for the actions of my forefathers?”
Well, I agree. You should not. No one should.

It’s an increasingly surfacing topic. Discussions and debates around it are cropping up on social media. There are even books about it from known white supremacists as well as conservative black authors.

My general sentiment is this — no one should be made to feel guilty for the actions of others, white or not white. And while I’m no spokesperson for all black people, I can tell you that that’s the last thing…

I’ve been having some very strange dreams lately.

Holiday card sent to my mother from the King family, 1967

Last week I dreamt — no joke — that I was defending my home from an oncoming horde of Goblins, hell bent on taking it over.

When I awoke I thought “Wow that’s weird.” I shrugged it off, mostly. Chalked it up to watching Lord of the rings one too many times. Possibly playing too much Zelda Breath Of the Wild.

The very next night I had a similar dream. Only this time I wasn’t fending off Goblins, but white supremacists, neo-nazis, Klan, and Q-Anon enthusiasts.

It was if my brain had…

Hello Ann!

Happy (almost) birthday to you, and thank you so much for collaborating with my good friend Kate on making me the proud owner of a signed copy of Longshot — such a wonderful and much appreciated birthday surprise! Kate’s job when we worked together was to track down and gain audience with notable figures for interviews — good to see her skills are still sharp.

Copy of Longshot limited series signed by author, Annie Nocenti
Copy of Longshot limited series signed by author, Annie Nocenti

I realize it’s been over 35 years, and you are likely way past this character by now. I’m actually excited to read Ruby Falls and The Seeds (just ordered) to see what you’ve…

Hello friends! My name is Kevin. A few months ago I was asked to help steer a group known as the Bucks County Anti-Racism Coalition. Just last month we received 501c(3) nonprofit status. We’re hoping to continue doing good things here.

First, I just want to let everyone know, that while I like giving speeches, I LOVE telling stories.
So I’d like to tell you a story today. About two boys.

In order to tell you about boy #1 I’m going to need you to travel back with me. To the midwestern suburbs during the great migration, summer, circa 1955…

Whoaboy. Here we go.

By now you may have heard about the restaurant in my town that did the racist thing. That’s been well covered over at The Root and a couple of local publications, as well as mentioned for at least three. consecutive. years.

Update: Within the ten days since this article was first published, The following outlets, ranging from local to national, ran stories on the events that unfolded around the protest that the local Anti-Racism Coalition organized:

The New Hope Free Press (New Hope, PA)
The Intelligencer
and The Intelligencer Podcast (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)
Levittown Now (Levittown, PA)
The Bucks County…

Common courtesy and common practice. Tokyo, 1990.

The date is April 5, 1990

I was 15 and visiting my best friend from Jr. High who had moved three years prior. We are on a train from Roppongi District, Tokyo to Disneyland (Which was new-ish in Tokyo at that time). I see this guy dressed for work, wearing what appears to be a surgical mask. So I ask my friend what the deal is.

“He’s sick” my friend says. “Everyone does that here so that they don’t get anyone else sick.”

“What a great idea. I wonder why we don’t do that in the US.”

Thirty years later, I’m still left wondering.

It’s that time again.

Time for race relations in America to be at the forefront of the media and the consciousness of Americans everywhere. Which means it’s also time for people to come out in droves to claim how racist they aren’t. We see this every. single. time, and let me tell you that it’s getting very stale. It seems to me that the very folks making these claims are confused about the nature of what Institutionalized American Racism(tm) even is, and their part in helping shape it.

In case you didn’t catch it above, racism is an institution. The…


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